A glimpse of future Nobel Prize winner Bob Dillweed

From Big Data Is Watching You!

In the data-driven dystopia of Goozle® Earth, celebrities such as Lady GooGoo, Beyondée, and Kam Kardashiam are kept in pens under the central Stadium until they are thrown to the lions for the amusement of the populace. One such doomed celebrity, Bob Dillweed, tells the story of his generation with a song entitled ‘Substadium Homesick Blues.’

Get born, get shorn,

Get fitted for your uniform

Don’t resist, ínsist

Pérsist or get pissed

Get schooled, re-tooled,

Car-pooled, over-ruled,

Motivated, educated,

Validated, graduated

Récruited, rébooted,

Downloaded, décoded,

Unheeded, un-needed,

Défeated, déleted


Badge in, badge out,

Don’t sleep, not a peep,

Take cold showers

Bill your hours

Get time crunched,

Power lunched,

Sunday brunched,

Sucker punched

Ábducted, índucted,

Énticed, gene-spliced,

Ready to be sacrificed,

Get costumed, pérfumed,

Faked up, maked-up,

You’re on your way to Paradise!

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Copyright 2015 by Bruce Hartman

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