The Philosophical Detective Returns

Swallow Tail Press (March 2020)

New York City, 1971. Two years after their collaboration chronicled in The Philosophical Detective, Nick Martin again falls under the spell of the blind poet and fabulist who calls himself Jorge Luis Borges. Together they must solve a baffling series of murders, find the fabled Ring of Solomon, and rescue the raven that inspired Edgar Allan Poe. Once again Nick plays the parts of Watson, Sancho Panza, Dante and Stephen Daedalus as he finds his way through Borges’s conundrums and labyrinths in a quest for himself and the love of his life.

Like its predecessor, The Philosophical Detective Returns is a lighthearted but deeply serious journey into the visionary world of a genius.

“… highly recommended for classic detective story enthusiasts who look for complexity and intellectual challenges in their characters and stories.” – Midwest Book Review.

Paperback and ebook available on Amazon.