Did you know you can give an ebook to someone on your gift list!

To give an ebook, just go to the Amazon product page for the specific title you want to give.  Highlight the Kindle ebook edition (not the paperback or hardback). Then look for the “Give as a Gift” button to the lower right. Amazon will then give you a chance to address a personal note to the recipient, and they will deliver it at the time you specify.  All you need is the recipient’s email address.  If they don’t have a Kindle, they can download a free Kindle app tailored to almost any device and platform (PC, Mac, tablet,phone, etc. (Search on Amazon for “Kindle App” for the selection.)  For ebooks to give, try looking here –  Bruce Hartman Author Page !

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Author of Perfectly Healthy Man Drops Dead and the forthcoming mystery, The Rules of Dreaming.
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