THE RULES OF DREAMING: “I gave this five stars because there were not more to give.”

Again I can’t resist posting the latest review on Amazon for THE RULES OF DREAMING, by someone called “California Dreamin'” (not anyone I know):

I really wasn’t going to like this book, but, much like the intricate tale it told, I was pulled inexorably along for the journey. Bruce Hartman has written a bit of a masterpiece but readers need to beware lest they succumb to the madness of Hoffman, like the characters of his book. I gave this five stars because there were not more to give. Be patient and listen quietly as you hear yourself go a little mad during this story.

I can’t agree that the book is a masterpiece but I’m glad to learn that someone succumbed to the madness of thinking that!

I appreciate your kind words, California Dreaming’ – but have you considered seeking help?


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