THE RULES OF DREAMING is now available on

THE RULES OF DREAMING ebook, which up to now has been available only on Amazon Kindle, has now been published on  Smashwords is an ebooks retailer and also a distributor to other sites.  They plan to make it available on Apple iTunes, Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony, and Kobo in the near future.

I can’t resist quoting from the latest customer review posted on Amazon, from a reader named Teira (I didn’t write this, honest!):

“Every time I was about to put it down something crazy would happen and make me say out loud “what!?” So of course I would have to keep reading.

“I read A LOT and I was impressed with the intricate brilliance this book radiated by encompassing so many great quotes, knowledge and intriguing theories that had me highlighting most of my book, even stopping every few pages and forcing myself NOT to put up yet another great passage from this book up on FB as a new status every five min!

“I’ve read a couple hundred books this yr alone and this made it on my top ten. Bottom line a great find and I will probably quote it for years to come.”


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