PAROLE on sale for $0.99!

Until September 3o, my latest book, PAROLE, will be on sale on Amazon for only $0.99 (ebook).  This is an action/comedy thriller in the tradition of Elmore Leonard (“Get Shorty”). It’s the story of  two likeable convicts – one black and the other white – who are paroled from San Quentin on the same day and sent back to L.A. on the same bus. On the inside they hated each other; on the outside their lives quickly become intertwined as each tries to recover what he has lost.

Kenny Ruffin, a former gang leader serving hard time in San Quentin, looks forward to his release so he can get his life back and meet his teenage son for the first time. His destiny becomes entangled with that of a redneck career criminal called Cat McGrath when the two of them are sent back to L.A. on the same bus. McGrath warns Ruffin that the gangs will never allow him back on the street and he will end up back in prison no matter what he does. As predicted, they are met with gunfire as they step off the bus. Ruffin vows to track down the shooters to redeem his honor and status, as McGrath draws him into a crackbrained scheme to even old scores with a gang of dirty cops.

With memorable characters, lots of action, a suspenseful plot and plenty of humor, PAROLE is a crime thriller in the tradition of Elmore Leonard.

“…A tale that is hard to put down and satisfyingly original: a standout in its genre.” — Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review 

Ken Bruen, author of the award-winning Jack Taylor series, called PAROLE “…A joy to read.”  

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Perfectly Healthy Man Drops Dead is back–and it’s on sale for 99 cents!

My first novel, Perfectly Healthy Man Drops Dead, is back in a new, slightly revised Tenth Anniversary Edition.  Until March 8, the Amazon ebook will be on sale for only 99 cents!  If you missed this book the first time around, now is your chance to read it for less than a dollar. Midwest Book Review called Perfectly Healthy Man Drops Dead “a gripping mystery from the first page to the last.”  And I’ve been told it’s pretty funny, too.  At Amazon, you can purchase and download it on virtually any device.

Perfectly Cover-B-KINDLE-resized SMALL#3

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POTLATCH and THE DEVIL’S CHAPLAIN now available as Audible audio books – Get a free download!

My two latest books, POTLATCH: A COMEDY and THE DEVIL’S CHAPLAIN, are now available as audio books on Audible, Amazon’s audio book site. If you would like to download and listen to a FREE AUDIO BOOK of  either or both of these titles, please send an email to and I will send you a free PROMOTION CODE which you can use to download a free audio book. (Offer limited to the first 25 requests.)

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Midwest Book Review praises The Devil’s Chaplain as “thoroughly engrossing.”

In its May 2018 issue, Midwest Book Review, one of the most respected independent book review organizations, has published its review of The Devil’s Chaplain, praising the book as “powerfully wrought” and “thoroughly engrossing… a riveting story that hinges on clues so elusive that the tension is exquisitely drawn.” You can read the full review here. 

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POTLATCH on sale for 99 cents!

From now through Monday, April 9, you can buy the ebook edition of POTLATCH for only 99 cents on This could be the funniest book you ever read!

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