What actors would you cast in PAROLE?

My new novel PAROLE was originally conceived as a screenplay, and I’m hoping that someday it will be made into a movie. It has all the ingredients of an action/comedy/thriller, which is my favorite kind of movie, and I pulled out all the stops to make it entertaining.  If you read it (which I hope you will), you can have some fun thinking about which actors you would like to see as the main characters – Kenny Ruffin, Cat McGrath, and Julie Morales.

So far we’ve received nominations for Jamie Foxx as Ruffin and Steve Buscemi as McGrath. Excellent choices, and I’d love hear what other ideas people may have. A spirited debate would add to the fun.

Don’t forget that Ruffin is about 38 years old and McGrath around fifty. But if your favorite actors are beyond that range (and who isn’t?), don’t hesitate to nominate them anyway. This is like rotisserie football — they don’t actually have to play!

My nominations are:

Kenny Ruffin — Justin Key (he’s actually the right age for the role)

Cat McGrath – Billy Bob Thornton (a little long in the tooth)

Julie Morales – Michelle Rodriguez (I hope she’s staying young)

If you’re especially ambitious, think about the more minor roles:  Jayden, Shanise, Derek, Alonzo, Chung, Burke and Kimberly.

Looking forward to hearing your choices!


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